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Anas Million Serum . Miracle Treatment . The Secret to a healthy skin .

This Million Serum is a non-oily formulation . Gets absorbed through the skin and giving a brighter , fairer , healthy glow skin. It moisturises , protects and stimulates cell generations . Resulting in even skin tone and gives more youthful appearance . 

Directions For Use : Apply the million serum two times a day ,morning and before sleep on the whole face and neck area . Massage gentle until it get absorbed .

Ingredients : Aqua , Glycerin , propylene glycol , squalane , yeast extract , sclerocarya , Bierra Marula Seed Oil

$22.00 SGD $25.00 SGD
Anzel Hair Tonic ( 100 ml )

To Prevent hair loss

Improve Hair Density

Strengthen Hair Roots

Active Ingredients : Avocado Oil , Goji Berry Stem Cell , Milk Protein

Anzel Hair Tonic is suitable for thin fine hair types to help improve hair volume and thickness. It strengthens hair from its roots and promotes hair growth.This product vitalizes scalp cells including hair follicles and thus counteracts premature accelerated hair loss.

$30.00 SGD

BOMBSHELL .Breast And Booty Cream . Filler In a jar .

Bombshell is a breast cream that helps moisturize the breast , firm the skin and helps reduce stretch mark .

Directions : Apply and gently massage your breast in circular motion . Use once in the morning after shower and once at night before you sleep . For Best Result , apply before exercise .

Ingredients : Water , Cetyl Alcohol , cetearyl alcohol , glycerin , PEG - 100 ,stearic acid , C12-15 alkyl benzoate , mineral oil , paraffin , beeswax , xantham gum.

$30.00 SGD
Bye-Bye Zits (50ml)

Bye-Bye Zits. Purely Scientific . Dermatologist Recommended

For Acne & Pimple Mist . Ultimate treatment .This acne and pimple mist contains electrolytesthat provides necessary nutrition to fight existing acne and prevent future breakouts.

Benefits of Use : Helps treat existing acne and prevent future breakouts

Heals scars and aids in skin recovery

Support skin's natural healing

Provides immediate relief to painful acne

Suggested Use : Spray directly onto affected area

Ingredients : Electrolyte

$25.00 SGD $28.00 SGD
Chew N Glow (30 Tablets)

Chew N Glow (30 Tablets ) 

Oral Skin Care .Advanced Formula For Glowing And Fairer Skin.

A Unique And Holistic Solution Which Combines science-based Beauty Supplements For A Complete Skin Nutrition System.

Recommended Intake : To be Chewed 

Storage : Keep In Cool and dry Place.

$32.00 SGD
Cik Puteh By Kamal Adli (100gm)(Untuk Wanita Dan Lelaki)

Cik Puteh-By Kamal Adli . Sabun Pemutih hilang Daki  Untuk Wanita dan Lelaki.

Brightening Soap to removes dirts .3 times effective without any harmful substances.

Directions : Wash Soap with water .Scrub the dirt at any part of your body and face using the soap . Rinse With water. Avoid Eye Area .

Ingredients : Glycerin , Aqua , Sodium Cocosulfate , Cocoamidoppropyl , cocoamide DEA , Styrene , copolymer , Arbutin

$18.00 SGD
Glaring White Tooth Beauty Kit

Glaring White Tooth Beauty Kit .Contains a Toothbrush , Tooth whitening Carbon and Tooth Whitening Pen .

Now you can smile with confidence thanks to adorable , viable and great tasting peroxide-free whitening brush-on pen comprises the identical active ingredient used presentably by dentist. Featuring a special formula that contains no harmful bleaches and peroxides. Helps remove stains and aids in prevention of cavities. Brightens and whitens teeth while fighting plaque formation .


(1) wet the toothbrush

(2) Dip into tooth whitening carbon

(3)Brush your teeth like usual

(4)Rinse with water


$30.00 SGD
Gummy Bear By Rapunzel Haircare ( 60 Vegeratrian Gummies )

Gummy Bear By Rapunzel Haircare . Hair Vitamins Berries Flavour . Gluten Free. Soy Free. 100% Halal .

Gummy Bear gives you everything you need to grow the healthiest longest hair possible, it does this by:

  • Growing longer and stronger hair
  • Nourishing your hair from within
  • Improving overall health
  • Increasing hair strength
  • Improving hair elasticity
  • Stopping hair breakage  

Directions : Adults take two gummy bears per day .

Made In USA .

$49.00 SGD
Jellyta By Wany Hasrita ( 15 sachets )


Mix Botanical Pomegranate with L-Cysteine and Saffron .

Health and Beauty Jelly By Wany Hasrita.

Benefits : Whiten up the skin . Gain Energy . Skin treatment . Make your skin firm and more glowing.

Ingredients : RO Water , Pomegranate concentrate , Strawberry juice powder , Honey , Vitamin C , L- Cysteine , Vitamin Premix , Mineral Premix , Bovine Collagen (cow) , sucralose , Applephenol .

Direction : Take one sachet in the morning and one sachet at night daily

$25.00 SGD
MF Shawl Bawal Flower Crown Edition (Iris)

MF Shawl Bawal Flower Crown Edition .

Colour / Code Design : Iris

Style : Bawal

Size : 114cm x 114cm

Material : Satin 

Bawal Flower Crown Edition Comes With a Special Box.

$25.00 SGD $30.00 SGD
MF Shawls Bawal Flower Crown Bluebell

MF Shawls Bawal Flower Crown Bluebell . 

Colour Design / Code : Bluebell

Style : Bawal

Size : 114 cm x 114 cm 

Material : Satin

Bawal Flower Crown Edition comes with an exclusive Box .

$25.00 SGD $30.00 SGD
MF Shawls Zara Basic Earthone Edition Cherywood

MF Shawls . Zara Basic Earthone Edition .

Long Shawl Type . Rose Gold Signature .

Size : 180 x 67 cm

Material : Panora Crepe Chiffon

Colour : Cherywood

$20.00 SGD $22.00 SGD