Dac & Der(30ml)

DAC(Dato AC Mizal Perfume)(30ml)

    • DAC Versatile For Men
      • The Smell of woody that will expose the self confidence within you.

        DER(Datin Emilda Rosnaida Perfume)(30ml)

          •  DER Amaze For Ladies
            •  The Sweet Smell of fruit that's getting everyone to talk about you.


              $18.00 SGD
              Erra Fazira Perfume

              Erra Fazira perfume come in 2 scent

              Lovable by Erra Fazira (30ml)

              • Eau De Parfum
              • Scent: Top Note:  Orkid, lemon and oren
              • Middle Note: Melati and Teratai
              • Base Note: Ambery Woods and Kasturi

              Forget Me Not By Erra Fazira (50ml)

              • Eau De Parfum
              • Scent: Top Note:  Amber, Litchi and Rose

              Middle Note: Tube Rose and Pink Paper

              Base Note: Benzoin Amber and white musk

              $28.00 SGD
              Gorgeous Perfume by Rozita Che Wan (35ml)
              • 35ml Eau De Parfum
              • Classic floral scent stronger  than precious
              • 100% halal products
              • The smell can last up to 8 hrs
              $25.00 SGD
              Lara Alana Cologne Mist

              Eau De Dato (110ML)

              • Green tea cologne mist
              • Specially catered for boys
              • Last for 5 hrs
              • It is made from organics and natural ingredients with no chemical.
              • Eau De Toilette

              Eau De Datin (110ml)

              • Saffron cologne mist
              • Specially catered for girls
              • Last for 5 hrs
              • It is made from organics and natural ingredients with no chemical.
              • Eau De Toilette
              $16.00 SGD
              Matahari By Sheila Rusly (30ml)
              • Eau De Parfum
              • Soft,sweet and floral smell
              • Exclusive scent chosen by Sheila Rusly
              • Can last up to 8 hrs
              $18.00 SGD
              Mystical Bodymist By Fazura(175ml)

              Mystical By Fazura is a body mist which come in 3 Scent. (175Ml).

              • I love me- Chamomile Sweet Scent.This reminds you to constantly loves yourself
              • Spotlight- Fresh fragrance. Made from avocado gives you confidence to keep your head up like walking under spotlight. This scent is also loved very much by Men!!!
              • Berry Beautiful-Fruity Fragrance. Made from wildberries that make you beautiful with that little touch of dark side.
              $16.90 SGD
              Neelofa Perfume (30Ml)
              • A fragrance that is both sweet and fruity. Its packed with prominent notes and strawberry and blackberry that is complimented by hints of musk, roses and floral tones. It can last up to 8hrs.


                $28.00 SGD
                Obsess Akim and Stacy Perfume (30ml)

                Obsess Akim(For Him)

                • Eau De Parfum
                • Long Lasting up to 8 hrs
                • Sugar candy fragrance


                Obsess Stacy(For Her)

                • Eau De Parfum
                • Long Lasting up to 8 hrs
                • Touch of Feminine Scent
                $28.00 SGD
                Perfume Elizad Sharifuddin X Fella Rose(35ml)

                Perfume inspired D&G (light blue) by Elizad Sharifuddin

                - It has light,refreshing  and uplifting scent perfect for daily use.

                -Truly earthy,woodsy,nature-inspired scent.

                -Scent is beautiful apples,citrus,musk and bamboo draped beautifully over a heart of cedar and moss.

                Perfume inspired Dior Blooming Bouquet by Elizad Sharifuddin

                -Its floral scent that refresh us and give a precious fragrant trail.

                -Gives a Fragrant of Essence of Sicilian Mandarin,Peony and Damask Rose and white musk too.


                Perfume inspired Lanvin Marry Me By Elizad Sharifuddin

                -Light fresh scent with a nice citrus top note.Underlying that light citrus note is a faint floral fruity scent with a hint of jasmine.

                -Its pretty,light and delicate perfume you can easily wear everyday.

                Perfume inspired Hugo Boss Mens By Elizad Sharifuddin

                -An irresistible fragrance,unforgettable like a savoured seduction.Exquisite notes of ginger ,exotic maninka and leather unfold over time,seducing the senses.

                Perfume Inspired Escada Cherry By Elizad Sharifuddin

                -This scent is very light and sweet and fruity.

                -Perfect summer scent.

                Perfume inspired Paris Hilton By Elizad Sharifuddin

                -Top notes voluptuous and seductive with apple,orange and melon.

                -The heart is opulent,floral sweet and pure,created of jasmine,freesia,lily,tuberose mimosa and lily of the valley.

                Perfume insipired Escada Moon Sparkle By Elizad Sharifuddin

                -IT open with notes of strawberry,black current,citruses and red fruits.Middle notes reveal sweet pea,freesia,jasmine and rose and this fragrant floral bouquet is followed by raspberry,musk and sandalwood and amber in the base.








                $21.90 SGD
                Precious Perfume by Rozita Che Wan (20ml)
                • 20 Mls Eau de Parfum
                • The smell can last up to 8 hrs
                • 100% halal products
                • Floral Musk Scent
                $15.00 SGD
                Rossa Eau De Parfume (35ml)


                A combination of smell inspired by middle eastern with musk and classy scent


                Highly favoured which comes with famine smell and fruity floral aroma


                It comes with an elegant and sexy smell

                $20.90 SGD
                schaXawal Perfume (30ml)

                Bleu by Awal Ashaari

                A masculine fragrance that combines grapefruit, geranium leaves and dominant note of atlas cedarwood to enhance its earthy element

                Maroon by Scha Alyahya

                Feminine scent with a combination of floral powder notes, some hints of peony & freesia.

                $20.00 SGD